How does it work?

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A Fundraising Gift Shop is simply a pack of gifts ready for you to sell on at a profit to raise funds for your organisation.

Each shop contains a selection of wrapped gifts, ideal for special occasions. One gift of each type is left unwrapped as a 'display' item - so your customers see the gift and take away a ready-wrapped one. We also supply the gift-wrap in case you sell the display item and need to wrap it up.

UNWRAPPED SHOPS We now offer our gift selections totally unwrapped and without any wrapping papers or bows included. These shops come in the same size options as the gift-wrapped ones and are designed for groups who wish to add value by wrapping themselves. Unwrapped gifts are priced at 1.67 + VAT.

Parents and children love it because a) the children don't have to wrap their presents and b) children can keep the present a secret. It's easy fundraising with no stress and very few volunteers. Here's how it works...

Step 1: Order

Place your order online.
If you are selling to your entire school community (in a shop run in the school hall, for example) then advertise that students should bring in enough for one or two gifts each. Make sure your shop will have enough stock to sell to everyone, and add on a few extras to allow your last customers some choice!

Look at our Payments page to find out how to pay!

Step 2: Display

All you need are a few tables to set up your Fundraising Gift Shop.

Display all your gift lines across the tables - put the unwrapped display item at the front and the gift-wrapped ones behind it and/or under the table. Our delivery note contains a guide to which paper each gift is wrapped in.

Put up our posters and signs telling your customers that each gift is just 3.

Step 3: Sell

Enjoy selling your gifts and your customers will love the chance to choose the perfect present!

Each gift sold makes your charity or school at least 60p. We source all our gifts from wholesale and end-of-line stock so it has all originally had an RRP of 3 or more.

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