Why run a shop?

It's easy to raise money with a Fundraising Gift Shop!

  • Children love it.
  • You only need a few volunteers for the duration of the shop.
  • Your risk is minimal as you can order a precise number of gifts to match your expected sales. .
  • It's something different.
  • Parents and families love getting a gift genuinely chosen by children.
  • It really is hassle free!

Just unpack your shop onto tables, put up the signs, and start selling!

Each gift cost you just 2 + VAT (or 1.66 + VAT unwrapped). If you sell at the recommended 3 then you make between 60p - 1 per gift sold (depending on your VAT status, and whether you have wrapped the gifts yourself or not).
So if you sell 100 gifts then you have made 60 - 100 with very little effort! And if you are a larger school or organisation, selling 400 or more gifts then you could make 240 - 400 in just a couple of hours.

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