Scouts and Guides

You can raise money with the Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Guides, Brownies etc. by either selling to the public via a Gift Stall at an event, or holding a Gift Shop Night for all your Scouts.

Gift Shop Night

If you advertise the gift night well, then almost all the Scouts will bring in money as they will all get a chance to browse and choose a gift/gifts. We recommend that in your advertising you suggest a maximum amount children can bring (for example 6 per child - two gifts). This helps prevent youngsters bringing all their pocket money in and spending too much, but also gives parents some guidance about how much money they should send in - as well as giving you an idea of how much stock to order.

You lay out all the gifts in the hall and sell! All you need are volunteers to run the shop for a couple of hours, or the Scouts can take turns manning the stalls for each other.

Each gift costs you just 2 + VAT. If you sell at the recommended 3 then you make 60p - 1 per gift sold (depending on your VAT status).
So if you sell the gifts in our smallest shop (100 gifts) then you have made 60 - 100 with very little effort! And if you are a larger organisation, selling our large shop then you could make 240 - 400 in just a couple of hours.

Don't worry if you are unsure of how many gifts to order. You can tailor the number of gifts you buy using our add-on packs of 25 gifts. Plus, we provide a free returns service for up to 20 gifts.

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